Early Charm’s continued portfolio growth driving need for significantly more space for its companies working in advanced materials

February 19, 2020, Baltimore, MD – In a move to accommodate its continued business growth, Early Charm Ventures, a venture studio that converts science to business, is significantly expanding its production and lab space at Baltimore’s 1100 Wicomico building.

With the addition of six new portfolio companies in 2019, Early Charm Ventures now comprises 12 portfolio companies working on drug design, custom materials, aquaculture technologies and machine vision. In addition to its longstanding operations within 1100 Wicomico through Early Charm’s partnership with Harbor Designs & Manufacturing, the new 2,150 square feet of buildout will be primarily used for expanded custom manufacturing and development of advanced materials.

“We’ve seen a steady expansion of demand for our custom manufacturing expertise in advanced materials and we have plans to grow the portfolio with the addition of new companies,” said Scott Gaboury who manages Early Charm’s custom materials portfolio of DiPole Materials, NanoDirect, SciGenesis and Abri Science.

The new space will be used for custom manufacturing and development of inks, fibers and microcapsules used in smart textiles, flexible electronics, controlled delivery of therapeutics and heavy industry.

“1100 Wicomico continues to be an ideal location for us,” said Ken Malone, Managing Director with Early Charm Ventures. “It’s not just a great building – it’s a home to a thriving community of innovators that love to interact with us. We’re fortunate to be a part of it.”

As part of this expansion, Early Charm also is partnering with 1100 Wicomico, Tower Hill Atlantic and Innovation Village Districts, Inc. to launch an entrepreneurial support initiative at 1100 Wicomico called the Baltimore Innovation Center (BIC). The BIC will focus on fostering and supporting local companies and job creation throughout West Baltimore.

Under this initiative, Tower Hill Atlantic with the ownership group of 1100 Wicomico, Innovation Village Districts and Early Charm Ventures will develop 156,000 square feet of commercial enterprise space comprising the top three floors of 1100 Wicomico. This space, which will house the BIC, is set to become a vibrant ecosystem of startups and growing businesses that innovate and collaborate through proximity, shared ideas and solutions, and access to consultants and capital.

“Early Charm’s expansion in 1100 Wicomico fits our overall development plans at 1100 Wicomico,” said Chris Regan, Principal with Tower Hill Atlantic. “With Early Charm and our other innovation-focused tenants at 1100 Wicomico, we’re able to make the Baltimore Innovation Center a reality and energize more development in West Baltimore.”

1100 Wicomico, built in 1914, served as the main warehouse for the Baltimore Bargain House, the country’s fourth-largest mail-order wholesale business. The building was one of the earliest to utilize reinforced concrete and a sprinkler system for heavy storage in Baltimore. Today, the building’s large customizable spaces, freight elevators and loading dock drive its growth as it reclaims its identity as the economic hub of West Baltimore.

About Early Charm Ventures:

Early Charm Ventures is a venture studio, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, that converts science to business. Early Charm specializes in taking brilliant scientific discoveries made at universities and turning them into companies focused on growth. Our best successes come from teaming with entrepreneurial-minded faculty who are rooted in tools for drug design, custom materials, aquaculture technologies and machine vision. Ultimately, we bring to the table our deep experience co-founding companies with leading researchers. With these exceptional people and their ideas, we partner with them to advance or even create whole new industries. Learn more: www.earlycharm.com

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Ken Malone
Early Charm Ventures